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what causes the ear infections? do they lose their equilibrium?

How to Treat a Dog's Ear Infection

If you notice your usually calm dog shaking his head, pawing at his ear and whining, then he may have an ear infection. There are a number of recommendations that your vet will make in order to treat your dog's ear infection.

1.Examine the mastiff ear to look for the symptoms of an ear infection. The ear may appear irritated and may be leaking a yellow or black colored discharge.

2.Flush blue heeler ear out with an ear wash. This can help remove any debris or bacteria that are found in the ear canal.

3.Groom the hair around the rhodesian ridgeback ears. This can help get rid of any dirt that can be causing the infection as well as prevent any further infections from taking place.

4.Take the kerry blue terrier to the vet for an examination. A vet can determine the cause of the ear infection and prescribe the right type of medicine to treat it.

5.Administer the medication and follow any cleaning instructions. Your vet will probably have you give the irish wolfhound drops for a week as well as continuing to clean the ear.

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