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Standard Schnauzer

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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:

The Standard Schnauzer is a member of the Working Group.


Male: 40-45 lb.; female: 35-40 lb.


Male: 18.5-19.5 inches; female: 17.5-18.5 inches.


The coat is pepper and salt or pure black.


The Standard Schnauzer sports a wiry, thick double coat. The harsh outer coat is tight and stands off the back. The close undercoat is soft. This breed has long hair for its eyebrows and beard.



The bold Standard Schnauzer takes its work seriously. This intelligent breed wears an alert and spirited expression.

Country of Origin:



Since the 14th-century, the Standard Schnauzer worked as a yard dog, ratter and guardian in Germany. Forerunners may include a mix of terrier, working and hunting dogs such as the Wire-Haired Pinscher, black German Poodle and gray wolf spitz. This dog graced the canvases of painters Rembrandt and Sir Joshua Reynolds. Prior to World War I this breed guarded farmers’ produce cards at the market. During World War I they worked as dispatch carriers and Red Cross aides. Schnauzers also served in drug and bomb detection, and search and rescue.


Schnauzer is German for “little beard.” Mittelschnauzer, Schnauzer.


The Schnauzer is lively and headstrong. This fearless breed may show aggression to strange dogs and other animals.



This clever breed learns easily, but may be bored with repetition. They can learn to retrieve on land and in water.


Provide daily physical and mental activities for this energetic dog. They enjoy long walks on a leash, or a run off-leash in a safe area. Rough and tumble play and vigorous games with the family are also great activities.


Owners need to be firm and patient. Provide a yard. This breed should spend time between the house and yard. This loyal family dog loves human interaction. While trustworthy with children, it may be reserved with strangers. The confident Schnauzer’s deep bark can make for a good watchdog and guard dog.


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