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Spinone Italiano

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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:

The Spinone Italiano is a member of the Sporting or Gundog Groups.


Male: 71-82 lb.; female: 62-71 lb.


Male: 23-27 inches; female: 22-25 inches.


The coat is all white or white with orange or brown markings and may include orange or brown roan.


The Spinone Italiano sports a close fitting, single coat that is thick and wiry. The rough, dry hairs are 1.5 – 2.5 inches long. The hairs lie flat or slightly crimped and offer weather resistance.



This hardworking breed is courageous and devoted. The Spinone Italiano wears a gentle and intelligent expression.

Country of Origin:

Italy (Piedmont)


This breed may have originated in the Piemont area of northwest Italy. Ancestral roots may include the Celtic wirehaired stock or dogs of Greek traders during the Roman Empire. Dogs of France, Spain and Russia may also have contributed to this lineage. This efficient worker proved talented in pointing, setting and retrieving. During World War II the Spinone Italiano tracked German Patrols. By the end of the war, this breed suffered a low population, then bred with other wire-haired breeds.


Spinone is derived from pino, an Italian thorn bush that hid small game. This breed’s protective coat resisted any damage from the thorns. Also known as Italian Spinone, Italian Griffon, Italian Pointer, Italian Wire-haired Pointer, Italian Coarsehaired Pointer.


This patient breed is gentle and affectionate. Although sometimes stubborn, the Spinone Italiano is more calm and mild-mannered than most other pointers.



Provide motivational training. Socialize this breed when young or it may grow up timid. This intelligent dog learns quickly and is eager to please. With a mind of its own, this pet may seem to question the logic of a task.


Indoors, this dog needs low to medium activity; outdoors, the needs are medium to high activity. Provide daily walks, runs off leash and playtime. With its fast trot, this breed is well-suited to joggers. The Spinone Italiano enjoys retrieving over terrain and water.


This family dog likes to share time, home and travels with the people he loves. Children need to respect this pet. Be sure no one abuses his patient nature. Provide a securely fenced yard that can prevent jumping or tunnelling. Although it has watchdog abilities, this breed is too sociable as a guard dog.


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