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Polish Hound

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Photo credit: Joanna Zembrzuska.


Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Scenthound group.


Females are approximately 20-26 kg and males are approximately 25-32 kg.


Approximately 55-65 cm.


The standard colouring is fawn and black. Typically, the chest, legs, and head will be fawn and the rest of the body will be black or dark grey.


The top coat is thick and of medium length. The undercoat is also thick.



Polish Hounds have beautiful, resonant voices and have more endurance than speed. Affectionate and gentle, these dogs are great companions in addition to talented hunters.

Country of Origin:



While this ancient breed hails from Poland, it's very likely that it's related to German and Austrian breeds. Long prized for their keen sense of smell and excellent tracking ability, Polish Hounds are talented hunters. Although this breed nearly disappeared as a result of the world wars, the Polish Hound was successfully revived and gained official recognition from the FCI in 1966. However, these days, the breed is once again quite rare.


This breed is also known as the Ogar Polski.


The Polish Hound is a tenacious dog well known for its perseverance during the hunt. This breed is adaptable to all types of weather and terrain and has a good spirit.



These talented dogs are quite trainable, especially for hunting.


The Polish Hound requires plenty of exercise and time spent outdoors.


This breed is not suitable for urban living. Ideally, Polish Hounds should live out in the country where they will have access to plenty of open space and can receive regular exercise. Exceptional trackers, these dogs are great hunters and gentle companions. Polish Hounds require regular brushing to maintain the health and appearance of their coats.


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