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Norwegian Buhund

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Working/northern group.


Approximately 26.5-40 pounds (12-18 kg).


Approximately 16-18.5 inches (41-47 cm).


This breed comes either in wheaten or in black.


The coat is dense and abundant and is typically longer on the neck and chest. This breed also has a thick and woolly undercoat.



Norwegian Buhunds are lively and fun-loving dogs. With their high energy level and agility, these dogs are great at a variety of dog sports. Cheerful and friendly, Norwegian Buhunds are affectionate and pleasant companions.

Country of Origin:



A member of the spitz family, this ancient breed is a close relative of both the Icelandic Sheepdog and the Jämthund. Officially recognized in 1968, the Norwegian Buhund has long been used to herd sheep and reindeer, to protect property and livestock, and to hunt wild birds. These versatile animals are relatively rare outside of their home country of Norway.


The name "Buhund" is a combination of the Norwegian words "bu" and "hund" which mean "homestead" and "sheepdog" respectively. Alternative names for this breed include Norsk Buhund, Norwegian Sheepdog, and Nordiske Sitz-hunde.


Norwegian Buhunds are independent dogs with stable temperaments. Aggressive when necessary, Norwegian Buhunds are good guard dogs and also have an excellent sense of smell that is often used for hunting wild birds. These dogs typically get along very well with people and other animals.



Norwegian Buhunds are intelligent, fast learners and are very trainable.


These high energy dogs require plenty of exercise and enjoy a variety of dog sports.


While Norwegian Buhunds are ideal for country living, they can adapt to urban life as long as they have access to a large yard and receive plenty of daily exercise. While these dogs are very versatile and have many functions, they are excellent companions for individuals and families. In order to maintain the health and appearance of the Norwegian Buhund's coat, regular brushing is required.


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