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Miniature Australian Shepherd

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Not officially recognized.


Approximately 20-40 pounds (9-18 kg).


Approximately 13-18 inches (33-46 cm).


Colours include red tricolour, black tricolour, red bicolour, black bicolour, red merle, and blue merle. A very rare colouring for this breed is brown and white.


The coat is slightly wavy and of medium length.



Miniature Australian Shepherds are lively and energetic dogs that love to play. These dogs also like to have a specific job to do and can become destructive without sufficient exercise and mental stimulation. These social animals form close bonds with their owners and are wonderful, pleasant companions.

Country of Origin:

United States.


This breed was developed in the United States in 1968 through selective breeding of small Australian Shepherds. While the Miniature Australian Shepherd is not recognized by any major kennel clubs, dogs of this variety can be registered with several registries, including the National Stock Dog Registry (NSDR).


Although now obsolete, a previous name for this breed was North American Shepherd. A common nickname for the Miniature Australian Shepherd is Mini Aussie.


Miniature Australian Shepherds easy-going animals with strong protective instincts. Attentive and eager to please, these dogs are excellent workers. Miniature Australian Shepherds are also great with children, especially with active children.



As very intelligent and eager to please animals, Miniature Australian Shepherds are easy to train. Since they are naturally wary of strangers, these dogs require early socialisation in addition to obedience training.


Miniature Australian Shepherds are highly active and energetic dogs. Without considerable exercise and mental stimulation, these dogs can become nervous and destructive.


Miniature Australian Shepherds are very playful dogs that tend to act like puppies throughout their lives. Loyal and devoted friends and guardians, these dogs are delightful to have around. Potential owners should be aware of the high activity level of Miniature Australian Shepherds and their significant exercise requirements. This breed has an average life expectancy of 12 to 13 years and has an easy to maintain coat.


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