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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Working group.


75-115 pounds (35-52 kg).


22-26 inches at the shoulders.


Show quality coats are either ivory or pure white.


Kuvaszok have dense double coats, sometimes with a slight wave.



Kuvaszok are independent dogs that have a tendency to be somewhat aloof. At the same time, they enjoy attention from their family and have a great sense of humor.

Country of Origin:



Although considered a Hungarian breed, it's possible that the origins of the Kuvasz stretch back as far in time as 2000 B.C. and to regions as far off as Tibet. Kuvaszok have been present in Hungary since the thirteenth century, when they were used by nomads as protectors of their herds. This breed nearly disappeared during the second world war, but breeding efforts were renewed during the 1940s.


Kuvasz is Turkish for "protector." This breed is also known as the Hungarian Kuvasz.


Kuvaszok are territorial and suspicious of strangers. They have the ability to be ferocious and are very protective of their family members. Kuvaszok make excellent guardians and, when properly trained, make patient companions.



Kuvaszok are quite intelligent dogs and can be taught basic commands relatively quickly. It's also quite easy to train these dogs for guard duty, as that's the purpose they were bred for. However, it's not recommended that the training of a Kuvasz be undertaken by a novice.


Kuvaszok are active dogs and require regular, daily exercise as well as a yard where they can romp around. A fence that is at least five feet high is strongly recommended and these dogs should not be unleashed outside the yard.


Kuvaszok are not recommended for first-time or novice dog owners. As guard dogs, Kuvaszok tend to bark quite often and thus are not suitable for a home where barking would be a problem. Also, Kuvaszok are not suitable for apartment living, as they absolutely require a fenced in yard where they can run around. These dogs tend to have very sensitive skin and have moderate grooming requirements.


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