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Istrian Hound

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Scenthound group.


Approximately 40-44 pounds (18-20 kg).


Approximately 17-23 inches (44-58 cm).


Istrian Hounds are white with orange-coloured markings on the ears, forehead, and sometimes the body.


Istrian Hounds can either be wirehaired or smoothhaired. The wirehaired variety is characterised by a coat of 5-10 cm in length that stands on end while the smoothhaired variety is characterised by a glossy coat of fine and dense fur.



The Istrian Hound has a powerful voice and is an excellent bloodhound. At the same time, this breed is calm and affectionate and is great for companionship.

Country of Origin:

Croatia and former Yugoslavia.


The Istrian Hound is an ancient breed long prized in its region of origin. Although its exact origins are unknown, it is thought that its history is likely similar to that of the Italian hounds. While available in two varieties, the smoothhaired Istrian Hound is the more popular variety. In 1866, this breed first appeared in a show in Vienna. Today, the Istrian Hound is still used for hunting prey such as foxes and rabbits.


Additional names for this breed include Istarski Ostrodlaki Gonic, Istarski Kratkolaki Gonic, Wirehaired Istrian Hound, Smoothhaired Istrian Hound, and Istrian Pointer.


Istrian Hounds have been bred for hunting more than for companionship and therefore can be wilful and somewhat challenging to train. However, these dogs also have a calm temperament and do make good companions.



Due to their wilful nature, these dogs can be somewhat challenging to train.


Istrian Hounds require plenty of daily exercise and room to run.


While Istrian Hounds have been primarily bred for hunting, they also make good companions. However, their wilful natures make firm training an absolute necessity. These dogs require daily exercise and must have access to outdoor space where they can run. Istrian Hounds also require regular grooming.


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