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Hamilton Hound

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Scenthound group.


Approximately 55 pounds or 25 kg.


Males are 50-60 cm at the withers while females are 46-57 cm at the withers.


Hamilton Hounds are tricolour dogs with black, white, and brown markings.


This breed is characterised by a short and dense coat of hard fur. These scenthounds also have a short undercoat of thick, fine hair.



Hamilton Hounds are very friendly and companionable dogs. With their excellent endurance and friendly personalities, these scenthounds make great hunters as well as wonderful pets.

Country of Origin:



This breed originated in Sweden and has been present in that country since the sixteenth century. Until 1789, peasants were banned from hunting with hounds so Hamilton Hounds were only kept by royalty and nobility. After the ban was lifted, hunting with these hounds became widespread throughout Sweden. It is believed that this breed descended from a number of scenthounds from Switzerland and Germany, as well as from Foxhounds and Harriers.


This breed was named for the man who founded the Swedish kennel club. Alternative names for this breed are Hamiltonstövare and Swedish Foxhound.


Hamilton Hounds are good-natured and even-tempered dogs. This breed is also very courageous and hunts alone, rather than in a pack.



Hamilton Hounds are very intelligent and quite easy to train. They respond best to a one-on-one relationship with their trainer.


These active dogs require plenty of exercise every day.


Hamilton Hounds are very friendly and good-natured dogs that love human companionship. They require plenty of attention and affection and will also give plenty of love to their family in return. Hamilton Hounds are also very active and require plenty of daily exercise. As such, these dogs are best suited for homes where their exercise and attention needs can be fully met. Fun loving and patient, these scenthounds can easily be raised with children. Since they have a tendency to wander, a fenced yard is an absolute must. Hamilton Hounds are not well suited for kennel life and require regular grooming.


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