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English Foxhound

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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:



65 – 75 pounds


21 – 25 inches


The most common colors include tricolor (black, white and tan) and bicolor, although other colors are also possible.


The English Foxhound has short, hard coat that is easy to care.



The appearance of the English Foxhound somewhat resembles a giant beagle. However, the slender yet muscular built of the English Foxhound grants it superior athletic abilities, and they are famous for being tireless runners. They are extremely active, and also very social because of their nature as pack hunters. A very healthy and agile breed, the English Foxhound is happiest when it has plenty of running space.

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom


The English Foxhound was first developed in the 1500s, when the deer population in England was perceived to be dwindling and fox became the next favored prey for hunters. The breed was formed by mixing the Greyhound, the Fox Terrier, and the Bulldog, which resulted in a breed that was fast, persistent, and possessed great hunting instinct.


The name of the breed reflects its geographic origin and purpose. In its native England it is simply known as the Foxhound.


English Foxhounds are intelligent, gentle, and friendly. They are bred to live in large packs, and therefore are very sociable and enjoy the companionship of both humans and other animals. They are obedient and responsive to their owners’ commands, although training can take patience due to their extremely active nature.



As with any dog breed, positive reinforcement with lots of rewards (not bribes!) or praises is the most effective method of training. The English Foxhound was a pack hunting dog, and therefore has the capability of understanding and obeying many commands. Therefore it is easier to train than some breeds, although owners should still be patient and consistent, and harsh treatments should definitely be avoided.


The English Foxhound is highly energetic and is happiest when it can run for long periods of time. Therefore a fenced yard with some acreage is highly recommended. English Foxhounds can be restless indoors, so the apartment lifestyle is not for them.


Owners of English Foxhounds have to be prepared to give them sufficient daily exercise. Because they are scenthounds, they have the propensity to run after an interesting scent; therefore, unless they are in a safe area, they should be kept on leash while in public. They are generally healthy dogs and can be expected to live up to 10 years.


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