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Dutch Shepherd Hound

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Herding group.


Approximately 66 pounds or 30 kg.


Approximately 21.6-24.5 inches (55-62 cm) at the withers.


Common colours for this breed include blue-grey and salt and pepper. Brindles of gold, silver, grey, and brown are also common. Some Dutch Shepherd Hounds also have a black face mask.


This breed comes in short-haired, long-haired, and rough-haired varieties. The short-haired variety is the most common.



Dutch Shepherd Hounds are intelligent, lively, and playful animals with great endurance. Typically these dogs will form a strong attachment with just one person but their affectionate natures also make them excellent family companions.

Country of Origin:



The Dutch Shepherd originated in the Netherlands in the 1800's where it was developed as a herding dog. Created by crossing local sheepdogs with the Belgian Malinois, this breed is now used throughout Europe and the United States by police forces and by search and rescue groups. While the short-haired variety is the most common, all three varieties have appeared in dog shows.


Additional names for this breed include Hollandse Herder, Hollandse Herdershond, Holland Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd Dog, and Dutch Shepherd.


Dutch Shepherd Hounds tend to have dominating natures although they can be trained to be very obedient. With natural protective instincts, this breed is excellent at guarding. While relatively aggressive with other dogs, Dutch Shepherds are gentle and calm with children and family members.



Dominating yet intelligent, Dutch Shepherds respond best to firm and consistent training. It's important for the trainer to quickly gain the respect of these dogs.


Lively and playful, these dogs require significant daily exercise.


Due to their natural tendency to dominate, it's important for Dutch Shepherds to receive firm and consistent training from an experienced handler. Potential owners should also keep in mind that these dogs require abundant exercise every day. With their love for working, Dutch Shepherds are ideal for a number of different dog sports such as agility and flyball. These dogs make excellent guard dogs and working dogs as well as very affectionate and gentle family companions. Dutch Shepherd Hounds generally live approximately twelve to fourteen years and all three varieties require weekly brushing.


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