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Dog Loss of Appetite

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Dog Loss of Appetite

When you own a dog you not only feed it and walk it but also, get to know that animal very well. When your dog is unwell it can be extremely worrying and if your beloved pet stops eating then you need to find out the reasons why; it can be something very simple or it could mean that they are ill. You should never leave your dog not eating for any amount of time, as they will get weaker and you could make whatever the problem is much worse. If you are in any doubt about your dog's health then you should seek advice from a veterinarian immediately.

Reasons for loss of Appetite

There are several reasons why your dog may have lost his appetite; these can vary from very small things to major illnesses. Your dog may have Dog Stress And Anxiety, or perhaps he does not like the new food that you have recently bought, or your dog could be feeling unwell or have something wrong with his digestion.

You will need to first rule out the simple things first and decide if it is something more serious. Sometimes your dog will stop eating if the temperature begins to rise; it is an inbuilt thing for animals to eat more when they are cold, but eat less when they are hot. Your dog could have a tooth problem; you should regularly have your dogs teeth checked out to ensure they are all OK, with no broken or infected teeth.

Finding a solution

If the loss of appetite is related to an emotional reason then you should find out what is causing your dog to be stressed. Have you moved house recently or got a new pet or family member? If you have your dog may simply be feeling left out and so will not want to eat. If this is the case, then you need to reassure your dog that he is still an important member of the family. By giving him extra attention he should begin to realize that there is still a place for him. Hopefully this will encourage him to start eating again. If your dog's teeth are OK, and the temperature hasn't affected him, and you haven't found any minor reason why your dog has a loss of appetite then you should seek professional help.

Going to the vet

If it has been at least two days since your dog ate a proper sized meal and is showing signs of having a loss of appetite, then it is time to seek veterinary advice, especially if you can think of no reason that would have caused your dog to lose his appetite, then you must take him to the vet.

Once there the vet will be able to run some tests on your dog and perform a general health check up. They will do an allergy test to see if something that your dog has come into contact with has made him sick. Hopefully the vet will find something small and be able to treat your dog quickly and without too much upset to the dog. In some cases your dog may be very ill; it could have Dog Cancer or Dog Kidney Disease. The quicker these possible illnesses are diagnosed, then the quicker you can begin to work out how to treat your dog. Although vets can be expensive, you would not want your dog to suffer. Trying to find a reason behind your dog's loss of appetite is fine. You must realize though when you need to ask for help, after all he is part of the family.

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