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Physical Characteristics



Breed Group: Herding


Around 40 – 75 pounds
(Females are 5 to 10 pounds lighter)


About 20 – 26 inches
(Females are around 2 inches shorter)


Collies can be tricolor, blue merle, white, or sable. Sable is the classic “Lassie” color.


Collies come in smooth coat and rough coat varieties. The long coats of the rough-coated variety require regular brushing.



Popularized by the Lassie series of books, films, and television shows, Collies are a familiar breed to many people. Just like the fictional Lassie, a Collie is loyal, friendly, and very intelligent. They are hardy and active animals that have a long tradition as farm dogs; however, they can adapt to living in small houses or apartments. While there might be small temperament differences between rough collies and smooth collies, they are both excellent companions.

Country of Origin:



The ancestors of modern collies were used in Scotland as herding dogs. Their loyalty made them favorites of the Royal family, and slowly they transformed from farm dogs to companions and pets. However, the herding instinct in the Collie remains strong and many are still used as herding dogs today.


The name Collie may have originated from the old Scots word “col,” meaning black. Collies are sometimes known as Scottish Collies.


Generally speaking, Collies are intelligent, outgoing, and friendly dogs. There can be minor differenced between the rough-coated and smooth-coated varieties; rough collies tend to be calmer and more reserved, while smooth collies are more active and boisterous. They are both very sociable, which makes them great family pets. They are by nature protective of their families, and can be wary of strangers.



Collies are fast learners. They respond to obedience training very well, and can be taught to perform a variety of tasks. They can be sensitive so harsh treatment during training should be avoided. Their excellent work ethics makes them useful as assistance dogs for the disabled.


Collies require moderate amount of exercise. When left to themselves, they can be quite lazy. They are content with being indoors, especially at night. Ownership: These intelligent dogs require quite a bit of attention from their owners. They are highly social and can get lonely if left by themselves for too long. They often form especially strong bonds with children, and become the protector of their “flock.” Adaptable to both country and city lifestyles, they are a very versatile breed.


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