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Bite Wounds on Dogs

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Bite Wounds in Dogs

Dog bites are common in more domineering breeds who have Dog Aggression issues, and often occur when two adult dogs are brought together for the first time. However, even dogs that have lived together for a long time can fight, such as fighting over food. Bite wounds that break through a dog’s skin are contaminated instantly with bacteria, which make the chance of infection higher.

Bite wounds on dogs usually happen during dog fights.

Symptoms and Treatment of Mild and Severe Bite Wounds

If you witness your dog in a fight, you should be sure to examine him closely for wounds. Even very small wounds can cause serious infections. Bite wounds may cause bleeding, swelling, limping or just lethargy and fevers. Whether the fight was severe or mild, if the skin is broken, it is necessary to visit your veterinarian for proper treatment as soon as possible.

Normally, the veterinarian will shave all the hair away from the wound, allowing it to heal and to determine if suturing is needed. The wounds are cleaned with an antiseptic and the dog is started on antibiotics to prevent infection. If your dog was in a fight with a dog you do not know, your dog may need to have his rabies vaccine updated as rabies can be spread by bites.

Safely Breaking up a Dog Fight

Do not get in the middle of a dogfight in an attempt to break it up. The dog could serious injure his owner simply because he is in a fight-mode. If you witness a dog in a fight, it is unlikely that saying "NO" sternly will snap them out of it. Many times the dog does not hear you or chooses to ignore you. The important thing is to get the dogs apart and snap them back to reality. When a dog is in a fight-mode, his mind becomes fixated on his opponent. If the fight is outdoors, water can often separate the dogs. Even if the fight is indoors, a glass of water can break up the fight. DO NOT REACH IN or you may be injured.

Preventing a Dog Fight

Preventing a dogfight is the best scenario. People with aggressive breeds should take them to obedience training early in their lives,and may have to muzzle them in public places.

Final Thoughts

If you have ever witnessed a dogfight, it is not a fun experience. Your dog can turn from a sweet family pet to a domineering fighting machine in a second's notice. Two unneutered males are more prone to fight as are two females, but it is less common between a male and a female. Spaying or neutering your pet can help to reduce inter dog aggression.

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