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Austrian Pinscher

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Photo credit: Przkuta.


Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Terrier group.


Approximately 12-18 kg.


Approximately 36-51 cm.


Austrian Pinschers come in a variety of different colours including brindle, red, tan, and black. White markings are also common.


This breed's coat is short and dense.



Austrian Pinchers are enthusiastic animals that tend to bark quite a lot. Fearless and lively, these dogs enjoy sports and other forms of activity and make very pleasant country companions.

Country of Origin:



This breed is closely related to the more slightly built German Pinscher. Long used to drive livestock and guard farms and homesteads, today's Austrian Pinschers are nearly identical to dogs depicted in paintings dating back to the late eighteenth century. Despite their long and rich history, Austrian Pinchers are now quite rare.


This breed is also known as the Oterreichischer Kurzhaariger Pinscher.


Although Austrian Pinschers are somewhat high strung, they're typically calm and relaxed around familiar people. Alert and attentive, Austrian Pinschers are courageous watchdogs and guard dogs. Since they take their guard duty so seriously, these dogs may not be compatible with other dogs. Austrian Pinchers also sometimes a exhibit a tendency to bite.



These dogs are relatively easy to train and can be taught to participate in a variety of dog sports such as agility and flyball.


Austrian Pinschers are very lively and enthusiastic dogs that require plenty of activity and exercise.


Austrian Pinschers are not suitable for city living and should ideally reside in the country. If a dog of this breed is not running free on a farm, it will require long walks or other forms of daily exercise. Austrian Pinschers have an average life expectancy of 12 to 14 years and only require occasional brushing to maintain their coats.


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