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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:



5 – 7 pounds


6- 7 inches


Yorkie puppies are usually born with black-and-tan coat; a mature Yorkshire Terrier can be blue-and-gold, blue-and-tan, black-and-gold, or black-and-tan.


Yorkshire Terriers are known for their long, silky fur. They do not shed, and can be less allergy-inducing as a result. The long hair does need regular maintenance to avoid matting.



Despite the small size, Yorshire Terriers have the typical Terrier disposition: fearless, inquisitive, and bold. Depending on the individual dog they can be boisterous and possess a strong guarding instinct. However, generally speaking a well-socialized Yorkie is outgoing, friendly, and get along well with others.

Country of Origin:



Yorshire Terriers were bred from the small terriers brought to England by Scottish workers during the industrial revolution. Many breeds are thought to have contributed to the Yorkie’s bloodline, including the Clydesdale, Skye, and Waterside terriers, as well as the Maltese. They were used as ratters, and would hunt down vermin with tenacity.


The breed was given the name Yorkshire Terrier in 1874. Before then it was known as the Broken-Haired Scotch Terrier or simply Toy Terrier.


Yorkshire Terriers are independent and courageous dogs that will assert themselves as the “alpha dog” in a multi-dog household. They are devoted and affection, and are often protective of their owners despite their small size. They have a sociable and confident personality; as a result, they are often said to be a big dog in a small package. They thrive with human companionship and as such require a lot of time and attention.



Yorkies are extremely intelligent, and therefore easy to train. They are quick to understand commands, and often learn to obey them the first time. They have the ability to perform complex tasks, and often compete in obedience and agility trials.


Yorkshire Terriers are active dogs, and being active indoors often is enough to satisfy their exercise needs.


The compactness of the Yorkshire Terrier makes it a perfect apartment dog. While this breed have a propensity of barking and snapping, early socialization and training can easily correct these behaviors. The high popularity of this breed has led to lots of irresponsible breeding; so selecting a reputable breeder is of great importance. While this breed is naturally of small size, the tiny “teacup” variety has many serious health problems associated with their extreme size and therefore should be avoided.


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List of dog breeds

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