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The Whippet has a smooth, short coat that is very easy to maintain.
The Whippet has a smooth, short coat that is very easy to maintain.
== Overview ==
== Overview ==
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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
[[Category:Dog Breeds]]

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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:

Hound (Sighthound)


25 – 40 pounds


17.5 – 18.5 inches


Color is not a distinguishing character for this breed; therefore there is a large variety of colors and patterns of Whippets available.


The Whippet has a smooth, short coat that is very easy to maintain.



The slender and muscular body of the Whippet resembles a small Greyhound. Indeed, Whippets were also widely used for racing, and they are capable of reaching a speed of 35 miles per hour. While they have superb athletic ability, indoors they are laidback couch potatoes. They are trusting and quick to befriend strangers, and as such have been used as therapy dogs.

Country of Origin:



Small, Greyhound like dogs have existed in England for many centuries. The first written record using the word “whippet” dates back to the year 1610. However, a separate whippet breed was not developed until the 19th century, when dog racing became popular in England. Official recognition of this breed occurred in 1890.


The name “whippet” is possibly derived from the Latin “via” meaning path or road, which has the associated meaning of movement and quickness.


Whippets are devoted and affectionate dogs who become very attached to their owners. They are gentle, friendly, and are unsuspicious in nature. They get along well with children and other pets, and they also tolerate visitors well.



Housebreaking and other training are relatively easy with Whippets. Motivational obedience training is especially successful with this breed. Whippets can also be trained to compete in a variety of sporting events, including lure coursing and track racing.


While Whippets are not highly energetic when left on their own, they do need regular exercise. They require access to open, off-leash areas where they can run free. They tend to have poor traffic sense, however, so they should be off-leash only in areas that are free of cars.


The Whippets’ gentle, quiet nature makes them great apartment dogs, provided that the exercise needs are met. Their short coat does not provide much insulation; therefore, proper attire is needed when taking them outdoors in cold weather. Whippets should not be kept outside or in kennels since they need human companionship.


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List of dog breeds

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