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Toy Fox Terrier

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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:



3.5 – 7 pounds


8.5 – 11.5 inches


Predominately white, with chocolate, black, tan, or black-and-tan markings.


The Toy Fox Terrier has a very short coat that is virtually maintenance free.



The Toy Fox Terrier is a recent descendent from the Fox Terrier. While Toy Fox Terriers are much smaller, they are active and alert like their larger counterparts. They are resilient, personable, and thrive on attention. Their clownish nature provides lots of entertainment. The small size makes the Toy Fox Terrier an excellent apartment dog.

Country of Origin:

United States


The Toy Fox Terrier was not recognized as a separate breed until 2000; before then, it was considered a toy variety of the much larger Fox Terrier. Toy Fox Terriers were developed in the United States by selectively breeding small bodied Fox Terriers. It is believed that no crossing with other small breeds such as the Chihuahua was used to attain the small size.


The Toy Fox Terrier is sometimes known as the American Toy Terrier.


Toy Fox Terriers are active, intelligent, and attentive. They are people-oriented, and make great companions. Because they are easy to care, they are especially suitable as companions for the elderly and disabled. They are well-balanced and eager to please. Many Toy Fox Terriers have the ability to learn simple commands and perform many tasks.



Toy Fox Terriers are intelligent and easy to train. They do tend to have a big ego, so patience and persistence are needed, especially in the early stages of training.


Toy Fox Terriers are energetic dogs, although because of their small size they do not need a lot of outdoor exercise. They often take care of their own exercise needs by being active indoors.


The Toy Fox Terrier is well-suited for living in a city, and makes a great companion or family pet. Relatively few health problems are associated with this breed, and a Toy Fox Terrier can live a long life of about 12 to 15 years.


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