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Swedish Vallhund

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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:

The Swedish Vallhund is a member of the Herding Group.


25-35 lbs.


Male: 12.5-13.5 inches; female: 11.5-12.5 inches at withers


The coat is a sable pattern in gray through red and combinations such as red-yellow, red-brown and gray-brown.


The Swedish Vallhund sports a harsh, medium length double coat. The soft undercoat is dense; the close outer coat is tight.



The energetic Swedish Vallhund is responsive and steady. This fearless breed wears an intelligent and alert expression.

Country of Origin:



The Swedish Vallhund may have roots traced to the Viking days when it was known as the Viking Dog. This breed may have a Welsh connection with the possibility the Swedish Vallhund landed in Wales or the Corgi landed in Sweden. On farms and ranches, they were adept at cattle and sheep herding, cattle droving and ratting. In 1942 the Vallhund almost suffered extinction, but revived as a rare breed.


Vallhund means “Herding Dog.” Vastgotaspets, Vaestgoetaspets, Vallhund, Swedish Cattle Hound, Swedish Cattle Dog, Swedish Shepherd.


The affectionate Vallhund is friendly and eager to please. This breed is watchful and reserved with strangers. Families will get to know their sense of humor.



Provide training and socializing when they are young. With their history as herding dogs, they might try to herd people.


These extremely active dogs enjoy herding and agility exercises. They can take part in show, obedience and tracking events.


Owners should encourage their dog to stay active. This devoted companion loves human interaction. Although they do well with considerate children, they may show aggression to other dogs. Their barking makes them a good alarm dog cautious of strangers. Be aware that some dogs may try to herd people like cattle. This small dog will want to protect his family home, no matter how large.


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