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Sussex Spaniel

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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics

Sussex Spaniel.jpg

Breed Group:

The Sussex Spaniel is a member of the Sporting or Gundog Group.


35-45 lb.


13-15 inches at the withers.


The cot is a rich, golden liver.


The Sussex Spaniel sports an abundant coat with moderate length. The hairs lie flat or slightly wavy. Long feathering appears on the ears, legs, tail and chest.



This strong breed wears a somber and serious expression.

Country of Origin:



Since the 18th-century, the Sussex Spaniel worked as a field dog near the estates of Sussex, England. Mr. Fuller of East Sussex developed this breed as a gundog that handled rough terrain and undergrowth. The dog's bark alerted the hunter to the quarry downed in thick cover. This breed showed endurance and persistence on the trail.


Named after Sussex, England. Nickname: Sussex.


Although wearing a sad expression, this sociable breed is quite cheerful and affectionate. They are more steady and calm than other spaniels.



Provide consistent training. The Sussex is willing to please and accepts training. Although this dog is a quick learner, it may be stubborn. They can learn to retrieve from both land and water. Consider teaching a young dog to bark only once when the doorbell rings.


Exercise regularly to avoid gaining weight. The Sussex is moderately active indoors and should have access to at least a small yard. This breed enjoys tracking, hunting and swimming.


The Sussex is a very good companion for the country household. Puppies may be fragile: female puppies suffer a high mortality rate. Include your pet in activities or it may howl or bark when feeling left out. With noisy barking, the Sussex makes a good watchdog. Although amiable with family pets, this breed may be unpredictable with strange dogs.


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