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Skye Terrier

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Physical Characteristics

Skye Terrier.jpg

Breed Group:

The Skye Terrier is a member of the Terrier Group.


Male: 35-40 lb.; female 25-30 lb.


Male: 10 inches; female 9.5 inches. Overall average 10-11 inches.


The coat may be black, blue, gray silver, fawn or cream color. The puppy coat may show a different color.


The Skye Terrier sports a double coat that offers some protection from harsh weather and the animals he hunted. The dense undercoat is soft and woolly; the wiry, straight outer coat is hard and flat with hair 5.5 inches and longer. The hair hangs straight down.



This working terrier is courageous and agile. The Skye Terrier has a dignified manner.

Country of Origin:

Scotland (Isle of Skye)


During the 1600s, this terrier is among the oldest terriers living in the harsh terrain of west coastal Scotland. The purest of this breed lived on the Isle of Skye. This working terrier was fearless while hunting fox and otter. Queen Victoria admired the Skye Terrier which became popular in the English-speaking nations. Perhaps the most famous is Greyfriars Bobby who stayed at his master’s grave in the Old Town of Edinburgh for fourteen years. Yet other accounts report Bobby dined on restaurant meals and may have boarded with the neighbors during the winter.


Named after the Isle of Skye. Terrier of the Western Isles.


This mild-mannered dog may be amiable with humans he knows, but suspicious of strangers.



With its sensitive nature, the Skye Terrier is trainable. However, this breed is also stubborn and can show it has a mind of its own. This dog needs to understand socialization and basic manners.


Provide daily exercise such as a short to moderate walk on a leash in a safe area. With its history of hunting, this breed enjoys exploring. Other exercises include earthdog trials and watchdog activities.


This housedog is not well-suited for children or households with other pets. Owners need to consider grooming time and resources. This breed may be overprotective. The motto of the Skye Terrier Club: “Don’t mess with me.”


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