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<htmltitle name="Siamese Breed Information | Siamese Kittens Breeders" />

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Oriental Group.


8-15 pounds.


Siamese cats grow to an average size.


Body colors of the Siamese range from white to light fawn. Coloring on the head, ears, legs, and tail can be blue, seal, lilac, chocolate, tortie, red, cream, or lynx.


Siamese cats have smooth and silky short coats.



Siamese cats are very loving and affectionate companions. They are also extremely vocal and like to be the centre of attention. The Siamese is a busy, playful breed that also likes to be held and cuddled.

Country of Origin:

Thailand (Siam).


This breed has been present in Thailand for hundreds of years. First transported outside of Asia during the 1880's, Siamese cats soon developed a devoted fanbase in Britain. The Siamese also became immensely popular in North America and, even though its popularity died down somewhat in the mid-twentieth century, it's still a very popular breed even today.


Additional names include Wichien-maat and Meezer.


Very social and vocal, Siamese cats like to be involved in all their owners' activities. These cats like to interact with humans of all ages and with other pets, but they don't like to be teased.



Intelligent and sociable, these cats are quite trainable.


Siamese cats are active and busy, and they like to be involved in everything that's going on around them.


Siamese cats are very demanding and vocal pets, but they're also very loving companions. These cats enjoy the company of humans and often keep their owners entertained with their clownish and charming personalities. Since this breed is people-oriented and likes attention, Siamese cats are best suited for homes where they can enjoy plenty of human interaction and affection.


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