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== Physical Characteristics ==
== Physical Characteristics ==
[[Image:Shih Tzu.jpg]]
'''Breed Group:'''  
'''Breed Group:'''  

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Physical Characteristics

Shih Tzu.jpg

Breed Group:

The Shih Tzu is a member of the Toy and Non-Sporting Groups.


9-16 lbs.


8-11 inches


The coat may of any color.


The Shih Tzu wears a luxurious double coat. The undercoat is woolly while the dense outer coat is long and flowing straight. The hair over the head is tied up off the face.



The proud Shih Tzu has an aristocratic air. This breed wears a sweet expression, but can be stubborn and spunky. This lapdog looks alert, friendly and trusting.

Country of Origin:

Tibet and China


The Shih Tzu may have roots in Tibet during the 17th-century when it was regarded as a holy dog. Because of a resemblance to a lion, this dog became known as a lion dog in reference to Buddhism. From Tibet this dog entered the Chinese court. The breed developed more in China where it won favour with the royal family during the Ming Dynasty. During the Chinese Revolution, most of these dogs were lost. By the 1930s the Shih Tzu’s numbers rose. This breed enjoys growing popularity.


Shih Tzu means small lion, referring to Chinese artwork depicting lions. Also known as Chinese Lion Dog and Chrysanthemum Dog.


This affectionate dog is outgoing and happy. The playful Shih Tzu befriends both humans and other pets.



Taking this pet’s grooming requirements into consideration, owners should train their dog to accept grooming when young.


This pet has low exercise requirements. A short playtime and short walks on a leash should suffice. Provide vigorous indoor games.


This gentle lapdog shows affection to his family. As a lively companion, the Shih Tzu can engage in children’s rough and tumble play. The elderly may find this happy dog well-suited for its low exercise requirements. The Shih Tzu enjoys running around the house. With its long hair, this dog does not suit hot, humid weather. Owners must be prepared to care for this dog more than other breeds. Clean the area around its eyes daily. Brush or comb every other day.


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