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<htmltitle name="Selkirk Rex Breed Information | Selkirk Rex Kittens Breeders" />
<htmltitle name="Selkirk Rex Breed Information | Selkirk Rex Kittens Breeders" />
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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

There are longhaired and shorthaired varieties of Selkirk Rex cats.


Females weigh 6-12 pounds and males weigh 11-16 pounds.


Somewhat larger than average.


These cats can have coats that are just about any colour or colour combination that is genetically possible for cats.


Selkirk Rex cats have curly coats that are soft and plush.



Loving and affectionate, Selkirk Rex cats can be somewhat reserved but they also like to give and receive attention. These clever and mellow cats like to play and snuggle with their human family members.

Country of Origin:



The Selkirk Rex is a relatively new, naturally occurring breed that developed in the United States when a rescued house cat was bred with a black Persian to produce a litter of kittens. This litter included three straight haired kittens and three curly haired kittens. In addition to the Persian, the Selkirk Rex is also related to the British Shorthair and the Exotic Shorthair.


Nicknames for this breed include Selkirk and Seltic.


Selkirk Rex cats are known for their laid-back dispositions and their patience. A very tolerant breed, these cats like to be cuddled by their owners. Selkirk Rex cats are people-oriented and also get along well with cat-friendly dogs.



Clever and intelligent, these cats are quite trainable.


Selkirk Rex cats like to play but their activity level is fairly low in comparison to that of other breeds.


Selkirk Rex cats make cuddly and affectionate companions. As tolerant and people-oriented animals, these cats get along well with adults, children, and seniors. When introduced properly, Selkirk Rex cats also get along well with friendly dogs and other pets. Playful and entertaining without being destructive, these adaptable cats make great family pets. However, this breed is not recommended for people with cat allergies.


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