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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Guardian dogs.


Approximately 66-99 pounds (30-45 kg).


Approximately 23-24.5 inches (58-62 cm).


This breed comes in solid colours of any shade between white to dark brown.


This breed has a thick top coat that is long on the neck and body and short on the head. The top coat is accompanied by a short and thick undercoat.



Sarplaninacs are majestic and courageous dogs that don't back down from threats. Protective yet gentle with familiar people, these dogs are exceptional guardians as well as loyal companions.

Country of Origin:

Former Yugoslavia.


The Sarplaninac is an ancient guardian breed that originated in the southwestern region of former Yugoslavia. While the exact history of this breed is not known, it's possible that it descended from ancient Molossian breeds of Greece and guardian breeds from Turkey. In any event, it is thought that the Sarplaninac has been in existence for approximately 2000 years. This breed was first registered with the FCI in 1939 and is now gaining popularity in France and other European countries.


This breed was named for the Šar mountains where it is most commonly found.


The Sarplaninac is an independent dog that has a calm temperament when no threats are present. As an instinctive guard dog, the Sarplaninac is suspicious of strangers and will sometimes be aggressive toward outsiders. While ferocious in the face of a threat and dominant over other dogs, the Sarplaninac is gentle with children. This breed must be trained at a very young age not to kill small animals if it is not to be used for hunting.



Since the Sarplaninac has such a strong personality, it must receive training at a very young age.


This active breed requires considerable exercise as well as access to plenty of open space.


The Sarplaninac can adapt to living indoors but must receive plenty of exercise and have access to lots of open space. If this type of dog is not to be used for hunting, it's extremely important to train it from a young age not to kill small animals. Sarplaninacs must have frequent companionship, as they hate solitude. This breed requires weekly brushing throughout most of the year and daily brushing during shedding.


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