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== Physical Characteristics ==
== Physical Characteristics ==
'''Breed Group:'''  
'''Breed Group:'''  
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Named after the nomadic Samoyed people. Samoyedskaya, Samoiedskaia Sabaka.Nicknames: Happy Sammy, Smiling Sammy, Smiley.
Named after the nomadic Samoyed people. Samoyedskaya, Samoiedskaia Sabaka. Nicknames: Happy Sammy, Smiling Sammy, Smiley.
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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
[[Category:Dog Breeds]]

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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:

The Samoyed is a member of the Working Group.


Male: 45-65 lb; female 35-50 lb.


Male: 21-23.5 inches; female: 19-21 inches


Colors include white, white and biscuit, cream or all biscuit. The coat comes with a lovely silver sheen.


The Samoyed sports a heavy double coat that is weather resistant. The undercoat is soft and thick; the out coat is straight and harsh.



The hard-working Samoyed is alert and strong. With an animated expression, it has a winning “Samoyed smile.” This breed possesses dignity and grace.

Country of Origin:

Russia (Siberia)


The Samoyed people of Siberia used this breed for herding and guarding reindeer in the Arctic. The dogs lived a nomadic life and slept in the family tent to help keep children warm. Queen Alexandra promoted the Samoyed. This working dog became popular for sledding. They are renowned for participating in both Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. The Samoyed has the honor of reaching the South Pole.


Named after the nomadic Samoyed people. Samoyedskaya, Samoiedskaia Sabaka. Nicknames: Happy Sammy, Smiling Sammy, Smiley.


This sociable dog is friendly to other pets and strangers. As a family pet, this companion is playful and affectionate. Although willing to please, it can be stubborn.



Owners need to provide firm, patient training early. With its independent and sometimes mischievous nature, the Samoyed may resist formal obedience training.


This dog enjoys a great workout. Activities can include a long walk, jog, and rigorous playtime. Pulling and herding are part of its history. Samoyeds enjoy the cold weather. Allow mental exercise.


The Samoyed makes a good companion and close family dog. Although able to live outdoors, this breed does best indoors where it is calm with human company. Owners should not leave this dog alone for hours. This breed barks a lot. Owners should be prepared for extensive grooming.


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