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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:



14-18 lbs


12-14 inches


Pugs are usually tan and black but may be other variations of brown.


They have fine, smooth, and shiny coats. They shed year round.



Pugs are sociable yet stubborn dogs. They love to play and are known to be obedient. In addition, they have unique personalities that are often described as charming and clever. They are sensitive to punishment because they want to make their owners happy.

Country of Origin:



Pugs were bred during the Shang dynasty as pets for Chinese emperors. They also became popular in Tibet where they were generally the pets of monks, from where they spread to Japan and were eventually brought to Europe. It is believed their ancestry can be traced back to scavenger dogs in the Gobi Desert and share this heritage with spaniels, Pekingese, and the Japanese Chin.

Dutch merchants imported Pugs to Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries where they became the official dog of the Dutch royal family. They are even apparent in the paintings of the time throughout Europe, including paintings in Spain, German, and France. In fact, the pugs relationship to royalty extends to England where they were bred by Queen Victoria herself.


It is believed the name pug is derived from the Latin word “Pugnus” meaning “fist” since the pug’s face can look like a closed fist.


Pugs are cheerful and happy dogs that love human companionship. They are especially playful and interact well with other pets.



Unfortunately, housetraining pugs can be quite a challenge. They do not follow instructions well and tend to be stubborn and independent. For this reason, it is important to not let their features (namely, their cuteness) deter you from lightly scolding poor behavior. Because they are very sensitive to punishment, you needn’t be harsh. Training should begin at an early age and must be continued and consistent.


Pugs typically require at least 40-60 minutes of exercise a day. This is best achieved by walks as they are too small to keep up when running. Pugs also love to play.


Pugs are very cute and loving dogs and make great pets. Whatever qualities they have that make them difficult, like their stubbornness, are made up for with personality. They love to have fun and thoroughly enjoy human contact. In addition, they are easy to care for as they don’t require any special grooming.


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