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Polish Scenthound (Polish Hunting Dog)

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Polish Scenthound.jpg

Photo credit: E. Ziolek


Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Scenthound group.


Approximately 20-32 kg.


Approximately 50-59 cm at the withers.


Polish Scenthounds are black and tan in colour.


The Polish Scenthound has a short coat that lies close to its body.



Polish Scenthounds are very courageous and brave animals. These lively dogs love to run and swim and are very intelligent. Polish Scenthounds are generally not picky about food and are gentle companions.

Country of Origin:



Polish Scenthounds have been used for hunting in Poland for many centuries, even as long ago as the thirteenth century. However, it wasn't until after World War II that breeders began attempting to stabilize this breed. Colonel Jozef Pawuslewicz, a famous Polish cynologist, played a significant role in the breeding of Polish Scenthounds and, as a result of his work, a breed standard was established and the Polish Scenthound gained recognition from the Polish Cynological Association.


These days, the Polish Scenthound is more commonly known as the Polish Hunting Dog. The Polish name for this breed is Gończy Polski while the German name is Polnischer Laufhund.


While wary of strangers, Polish Scenthounds are calm and gentle dogs. With their stable temperament and passionate nature, these dogs are great hunters, guard dogs, and companions.



Polish Scenthounds are very intelligent and easy to train.


These dogs have a moderate activity level and exercise requirement.


While Polish Scenthounds aren't as active as some dog breeds, they are still quite lively and require regular exercise. These dogs particularly like running and swimming. Although suspicious of strangers, Polish Scenthounds are not aggressive dogs and can make wonderful, gentle companions. These courageous dogs are quite clean and their coats are easy to maintain.


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