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<htmltitle name="Pixie-Bobs Breed Information | Pixie-Bob Kittens Breeders" />
<htmltitle name="Pixie-Bobs Breed Information | Pixie-Bob Kittens Breeders" />

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Most Pixie-Bobs are shorthaired, but some longhaired Pixie-Bobs also exist.


Females weigh between 10-12 pounds while males can weigh anywhere between 14-26 pounds.


Pixie-Bobs grow to a larger than average size as compared to other cats.


Pixie-Bobs typically come in shades of brown, tan, fawn, rust, and gold.


Pixie-Bobs have woolly, easy to maintain coats that can be either short or long.



Extremely intelligent, these patient cats are relatively quiet. However, they are still quite active and like to play. Pixie-Bobs are very enthusiastic cats and always keep their owners entertained. These cats also make very loving and affectionate companions.

Country of Origin:



This breed was developed during the 1980s by Bellingham, Washington breeder Carol Ann Brewer. While originally thought to be wild hybrids, DNA testing has shown that Pixie-Bobs are domestic cats. However, some still believe that Pixie-Bobs are descendants of the North American bobcat.


This breed was so named for its resemblance to the North American bobcat and for the first Pixie-Bob cat, who was named Pixie.


Pixie-Bobs have a very trustworthy nature are gentle with children. These cats will form deep, life-long bonds with their family members and they like to be around humans. Pixie-Bobs also get along well with other pets.



Pixie-Bobs are extremely intelligent and have an incredible ability to learn. They can be trained to recognize short human words and phrases and can also be easily leash trained.


While not hyperactive cats, Pixie-Bobs are lively and energetic.


Despite their stunning bobcat resemblance, Pixie-Bobs are highly suitable as pets. These cats are gentle and affectionate and make very loyal companions. Pixie-Bobs require human company and attention and are guaranteed to keep you entertained with their lively spirit. Pixie-Bobs are suitable for apartments and for households with children or other pets. They are generally non-destructive and will leave your furniture alone.


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