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== Physical Characteristics ==
== Physical Characteristics ==
'''Breed Group:'''
'''Breed Group:'''
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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:



Approximately 4-5 kg (8-10 lbs)


The Papillon generally stands from 20-28 cm (8-11 inches) at the withers.


White, black, and brown.


Papillons have a thick, flowing coat of long hair (although hair around the head is shorter).



Papillons are energetic and affectionate dogs who will usually attach themselves to one member of a family. They are loyal and intelligent. They enjoy human interaction and seem to be particularly partial to people who talk or play with them frequently. This breed makes an excellent pet as they are very easy going and care requirements are minimal.

Country of Origin:

There is some controversy here. They originally came from Spain or Belgium and were brought to France.


Believed to be one of the oldest toy breeds, the Papillons history can be traced through art as far back as 1542. Several artists, including Venus of Urbino, Watteau, Gonzalez Coque, Fragonard, and Mignard are known to have painted Papillons and there is at least one famous painting of Louis XIV with a Papillon pet. In fact, one famous story indicates that Marie Antoinette carried her Papillon with her to her guillotine execution.

Papillons were popular as pets throughout Europe, especially in England, France and Belgium. They are an athletic breed that has often been used as show/competition dogs in categories such as speed and agility.


In French, Papillon means “butterfly.” It is thought that since their ears look like a butterfly, they were given this name.


Papillons are small but fearless. They often behave like large dogs – they show no fear of larger dogs and they have astounding athletic ability. They are extremely fast and love to run. In addition, this breed is very intelligent and loving. They usually interact well with an entire family but will bond more closely to the person who they interact with the most.



As they are quite intelligent, they are fairly easy to train. Stubbornness is rarely an issue but they might like to give you a bit of a challenge.


Papillons are extremely energetic. It is not uncommon for them to be able to run for several kilometers and they do require regular exercise. Since they are so small, they don’t need a lot of space to fill these requirements. A small yard or even a house that they can run around is usually sufficient. In addition, they are very agile allowing them to jump, run, weave, and turn quickly. Because they are so intelligent and active, continued training and monitored exercise is important.


This breed is highly recommended for first time dog owners. Care is fairly basic, although they require regular brushing to maintain a healthy coat as well as regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are loving companions but because of their small size do not make good pets for young children.


List of dog breeds

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