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Oriental Longhair

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

This cat is a member of the Oriental Longhair Group (Siamese). Category I, Established (TICA Standards).


10-13 lbs.


A medium-size body, long and tubular.


The coat may be of 300 colors and pattern combinations. Self colors include blue, black, chocolate lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red, cream and apricot.


The Oriental Longhair sports a soft, semi-longhair coat that lies flat against the body. This cat has a slight undercoat.



This inquisitive breed likes to find things. The refined Oriental Longhair is graceful. This strong cat wears an alert and intelligent expression.

Country of Origin:

North America


The Oriental Longhair is a Siamese hybrid. In 1985, an Oriental Shorthair and a Balinese produced semi-longhaired Orientals. Outcross breeds include Siamese, Balinese and Oriental Shorthair. This breed takes after the svelte body form of the Siamese and includes an extensive variety of colors and patterns.


Angora in Great Britain. Analogous to CFA Balinese and Javanese. If brown, called the Longhaired Havana Brown in Europe. Not to be confused with the Angora formerly known as Oriental Longhair in North America.


The outgoing Oriental Longhair is gregarious. This spirited cat is vocal.




An active cat, this breed likes to entertain. Owners need to provide a scratching surface such as a scratching post for this natural activity. This curious cat will find items by opening drawers, reaching high places and searching purses. Small objects like paper balls can become great toys.


Owners need to consider how much attention this lively cat craves. Never ignore the Oriental Longhair or risk hurting its feelings. This trusting breed loves human company. They seem to live in a cat-centred universe. A vocal cat, this breed will want to engage its owner in conversation. Always keep the cat indoors. This longhair needs little daily grooming.


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