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Old English Sheepdog

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Herding group.


Approximately 45 kg (95 lbs).


The Old English Sheepdog stands approximately 55 cm (22 inches).


They are typically grey and white.


They have a full, thick coat with longer hair that works as an insulator in hot and cold weather.



The Old English Sheepdog is a sociable and intelligent dog that adapts well to new environments. They like to play. They’re bred as working dogs and as such tend to be quite active and independent.

Country of Origin:



These dogs were originally bred to herd livestock and as pets. Throughout popular culture, they have become very popular dogs and are often featured in television and movies. They first appeared in the early 1800s although their ancestry is unclear. Many breeders believe they are descendents of collies being bred with the Russian Owtchar. As they were bred to herd and protect sheep in southern England, they developed a thick, weatherproof coat and are strong and hardy enough to guard against predators like the fox.


They’re name is derived from the fact they’re from England and were traditionally used for herding sheep.


They’re intelligent, social, and adaptable and bond closely with their owners. They are usually gentle with children and make excellent pets. They can become somewhat frustrated when the do not get enough exercise and in such cases will likely exhibit destructive behavior. Because of their strong herding instinct, these dogs are gentle and love to play with other dogs.



Old English Sheepdogs are very intelligent and as such are relatively easy to train. They are however somewhat stubborn which can make training more challenging.


As they are herding dogs, they are quite active. They like to play, run, and go for long walks. Ideally, they should have access to large fields or yards to roam with other dogs or animals for companionship.


Careful consideration of the grooming requirements of Old English Sheepdogs should be considered before deciding to have one for a pet. They need a lot of exercise and because of the nature of their coat need to be brushed regularly. In addition, they are prone to cataracts so hair over their eyes can actually be beneficial. They will shed their heavy coat after the winter season which can be a nuisance.


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