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== Physical Characteristics ==
== Physical Characteristics ==
'''Breed Group:'''
'''Breed Group:'''
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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:

The Norwegian Elkhound belongs to the Spitz group of dogs.


The average weight of the Norwegian Elkhound is approximately 25 kg (or 54 lbs)


These are a medium sized dog standing approximately 52 cm (or 20 inches).


Their color is variable and you will usually see dense, black, white and silver fur on an Elkhound.


They have a black, white and grey fur made up of medium-length hair. The coat is usually smooth and fairly soft.



These are strong and intensely loyal dogs. Bred for hunting, they tend to be focused and driven but do make excellent pets. They prefer the outdoors, and especially colder whether (as they have a very thick coat).

Country of Origin:

As their name suggests, they originate in Norway.


The Norwegian Elkhound is an ancient breed, first appearing more than 6000 years ago. They have always been known as hunting dogs and helped early Norwegians with their game hunt. As they come from a very cold climate, they are hardy, courageous dogs that were utilized to contain the animals they hunt in order to allow their owner to complete the kill. Generally, they do not physically attack an animal themselves. Historically, they were used to hunt moose, wolves, and even bear.


Their name is a direct translation from the Norwegian “Norsk Elghund” which means “moose dog.”


These dogs are known to be extremely loyal, making them excellent pets. They are often used as hunt or guard dogs because of their courage and protectiveness but are also playful and independent.



As they are a highly intelligent breed, they train easily. They have been bred for centuries, possibly millennia, in order to work alongside humans in the hunt and as such are very accustomed to people. They are obedient but adventurous so formal training is recommended. They are friendly with most people, even strangers, but may become aggressive with unfamiliar dogs.


Norwegian Elkhounds are generally energetic and require exercise daily, without which they can become destructive.


Because of their loyal and protective nature, they make excellent pets and watch dogs. They are also good with children thus making them ideal family pets. They do require some special grooming because of their thick coats – they molt bi-annually and should be brushed regularly. Elkhounds are usually clean as their coat sheds dirt regularly. It is useful to know, they will shed a lot of fur.


List of dog breeds

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