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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

The Nebelung is a member of the Longhair Group. Category III, Mutation Breed (TICA Standard).


6-11 lb (2.25-5kg)


Long with medium-boned structure.


The coat is blue with silver-tipped guard hairs.


The Nebelung sports a double-coat with semi-long hair resistant to water. The undercoat is very dense; the outer coat is fine and silky. Seasonal changes affect the coat. In summer this coat is less dense.



The intelligent Nebelung has a quiet voice. This gentle cat is somewhat reserved around strangers.

Country of Origin:



The Nebelung is a re-creation of the Russian Blue that had exhibited over a hundred years ago. In the 1980s in Denver, Colorado, Ms. Cora Cobb used a foundation stock of a Russian Blue crossed with a female carrying the longhair gene. A male named Siegfried bred with a female named Brunhilde from a separate litter. They produced blue kittens with the Russian Blue body type and long, glossy hair. The Nebelung is quite rare.


Creature of the Mist (German). Ms. Cora Cobb named her cats Sigfried and Brunhilde after Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung.


The affectionate Nibelung is gentle and playful. This well-mannered cat loves his owner and family.



Some cats can train to retrieve objects.


Some cats play fetch and open doors. They might like to drink from running tap water. Many cats are lapsitters. Some will follow their owners around the house.


Owners need to sign a contract promising to keep their cat indoors and update their shots. The Nebelung usually bonds with one person. Keep in mind that the cat needs time to adjust to new surroundings. Families need to love and respect this cat. This breed may be cautious with strangers and young children: some cats will hide or seem aloof. Do not leave your cat alone for hours at a time. Another cat companion works well.


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