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<htmltitle name="Manx Breed Information | Manx Kittens Breeders" />
<htmltitle name="Manx Breed Information | Manx Kittens Breeders" />

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Manx can be shorthaired or longhaired.


9-12 pounds.


Manx grow to a slightly larger than average size as compared to other cats.


These cats can come in many different colours and patterns. Some common colours include blue, white, black, and red.


Manx have double coats of either short or long hair.



Friendly and docile, Manx have great personalities. These affectionate cats like to follow people around and love to play. Manx particularly like to play fetch and are drawn to shiny objects. This breed is known to display dog-like characteristics such as growling at certain noises.

Country of Origin:

Isle of Man.


This breed hails from the Isle of Man, where these cats are still very common. These generically tailless cats have existed for at least 300 years and there are several legends in existence surrounding the reason why Manx have no tails.


This breed was named for its place of origin, the Isle of Man.


Manx are people-oriented cats, although they are sometimes wary of strangers. These cats do well with children and with dogs, particularly if they are introduced at a young age. Manx are known for their calm and loving dispositions.



These curious and intelligent cats are quite trainable.


Manx are playful cats with a relatively high activity level.


Manx are an excellent choice for feline companionship. These cats are suitable for households with children, dogs, and other pets. Since they are people-oriented animals, Manx are best suited for homes where they can interact with humans regularly. These soft-voiced cats have an inquisitive nature and are very lively and entertaining.


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