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<htmltitle name="Maine Coon Breed Information | Maine Coon Kitten Breeders" />
<htmltitle name="Maine Coon Breed Information | Maine Coon Kitten Breeders" />
== Physical Characteristics ==
== Physical Characteristics ==

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Physical Characteristics

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Breed Group:

The Maine Coon is a member of the Semi-longhaired Group. Category I, Established (TICA Standards).


9-22 lbs. (4-10 kg.)


This massive cat may grow to a length of one metre.


The coat may a range of 30 or more colors including self and tortie: black, blue, cream, red, tortoiseshell, blue tortie, white; smoked and shaded; tabby; and bicolors.


The Maine Coon sports a medium-long, water-resistant coat that is heavy and shaggy. With a silky texture, this coat hangs smoothly. The coat is more luxurious in the winter. The coat length may change with the climate. This breed has a huge tail.



This intelligent breed is strong and loyal. When greeting humans and other cats, the vocal Maine Coon gives a happy chirp.

Country of Origin:

United States


During the 1860s British cats, longhaired Russian and Scandinavian cats arrived in the ports of Maine. Their mating with American native shorthair cats produced cats with medium length hair. The Maine Coon cat is also related to the Norwegian Forest Cat. One theory suggests longhair cats that accompanied Vikings helped develop the Coon cats. Farmers used these strong cats to hunt. Some cats hunted hares. The Maine Coon is the official Maine State Cat.


Brush-like tail resembles a raccoon’s tail. Maine Shag.


As a gentle giant, this cat is friendly and tranquil. The playful Maine Coon is easy to handle.



This intelligent cat is easily trained. The Maine Coon can learn to walk on a leash.


This dexterous cat can use its front paws to open cabinet doors and turn water taps. They love water and can play with a bowl of water. With their water-resistant coats, some cats even swim. They like to engage in family activities or entertain themselves with other activities. The Maine Coon may play fetch.


The gregarious Maine Coon likes his people and gets along well with children and other pets. Owners should be aware this cat should not be obese. When bored, this cat may use his paws to push items off tables and tops of major appliances.


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