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Did you know...

... that Cat Hyperthyroidism can cause a cat's heart to grow in size and become more fragile?

... that nearly ninety percent of cases of Dog Hypothyroidism are triggered by an immune disorder that causes the dog's immune system to attack its own thyroid gland?

... that Cat Ear Mites can lead to deafness and even death by causing bacterial and yeast infections that are capable of rupturing a cat's eardrums and spreading to the animal's brain?

... that one of the most classic signs of Dog Liver Disease is jaundice, which causes the dog's eyes, skin, and gums to turn yellow?

... that cats with white on their noses and ears tend to be more susceptible to a type of Cat Cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma?

... that Dog Cushings Disease is also known as hyperadrenocorticism and often causes symmetrical hair loss?

... that Cat Kidney Disease typically does not become noticeable until approximately two-thirds of the cat's normal kidney function has been lost?

... that a common cause of Dog Aggression is improper socialization and when the problem is not dealt with by a qualified individual, the aggression will likely only become worse?

... that Cat Arthritis is often not as noticeable as canine arthritis, as cats are very good at compensating for the lameness caused by this disease?

... that Dog Hip Dysplasia is the world's most common cause of canine arthritis and most often affects larger breeds of dogs such as German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers?

... that Cat Worms live inside a feline's intestines, stealing nutrients from the cat and causing intestinal damage?

... that male cats tend to suffer from Cat Diabetes more often than female cats, and obesity also increases an animal's risk of developing this disease?

... that dogs with Dog Epilepsy most frequently experience seizures at night or while they are resting?

... that Cat Heart Disease is often referred to as cardiomyopathy and can be caused by a deficiency of taurine, an essential amino acid?

... that Dog Bad Breath is also referred to as canine halitosis and can be a sign of a serious medical problem such as a bacterial infection or oral tumor?

... that dogs that swim are more prone to developing Dog Ear Infections, and wax buildup and vigorous ear cleaning can also increase a dog's risk of such infections?

... that Dog Worms can be deadly if left untreated because they can cause a dangerous obstruction in the dog's intestines?

... that Dog Cognitive Dysfunction affects dogs in a manner very similar to how Alzheimer's affects humans, and can even make a dog unable to recognize its family members?

... that Dog Parvovirus is an extremely contagious viral disease that can cause death within just forty-eight to seventy-two hours of the onset of symptoms?

... that common forms of Dog Cancer include oropharyngeal cancer, a type of mouth cancer, and osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer?

Cat Ear Mites did you know...

Feline ear mites can cause deafness and even death. These tiny, spider-like insects infect a cat's ears, causing bacterial and yeast infections that are capable of rupturing a cat's eardrum and spreading to the feline's brain. Even when cats don't suffer from such severe consequences of an ear mite infection, they still experience significant discomfort. Ear mites cause extreme irritation by moving around inside the cat's ears and because mite saliva contains very irritating components. Two of the most classical symptoms of an ear mite infection are head shaking and a dark discharge from the ears that resembles coffee grounds. These pesky insects are easily transmitted from one cat to another and can even be picked up from the surrounding environment. Kittens are the most susceptible to ear mite infections, as cats tend to build up a resistance to these insects throughout the course of their lives.

Read more about [ Ear Mites}

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