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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Toy group.


4-15 pounds (2-7 kg).


8-11 inches (20-27 cm) at the shoulders.


Common colorings include black and white, red and white, and lemon and white.


Japanese Chins have long, straight, and silky coats.



Japanese Chins are very sweet and affectionate with their family members. These dogs are wary of strangers and have a deeper bark than many other toy dogs. Japanese Chins are well-mannered animals and make excellent companions.

Country of Origin:



Japanese Chins likely descended from the Chinese Pekingese breed and probably reached Japan via gifts between emperors. Present in Japan since the eighth century, these dogs were kept by noble Japanese families and became popular in England in the mid nineteenth century.


Also known as the Japanese Spaniel.


Never aggressive, Japanese Chins are quiet dogs that become uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings or situations. Often described as having a cat-like attitude, Japanese Chins are intelligent and independent dogs.



While these dogs are naturally well-mannered, early socialization and obedience training are still highly recommended. Typically, this breed is difficult to house train before four months of age.


Japanese Chins are not very active dogs and don't require a high level of exercise.


Due to their relatively low activity levels, Japanese Chins do well in apartments and condominiums. They don't tolerate hot weather well and don't like rough play or rough handling. As a result, these dogs are not recommended for households with small children. Japanese Chins require regular grooming in order to prevent their coats from tangling and are prone to breathing difficulties. These aristocratic animals make very loving and sweet companions.


No breeders listed at this time.

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