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Irish Wolfhound

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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics

Irish Wolfhound.jpg

Breed Group:

The Irish Wolfhound is a member of the Hound and Southern Groups.


Male: 120 lb min.; female: 105 lb. min.


Male: 32 inches min.; female: 30 inches min.


The coat color is gray, brindle, red, black white or fawn.


The Irish Wolfhound sports a shaggy, rough coat that offers some resistance from the cold and damp. The coat may also protect from other animal’s teeth.



This dignified breed exhibits courage when needed. The Irish Wolfhound is quite willing and thoughtful.

Country of Origin:



In 1500 B.C., large dogs arrived in Ireland from Greece. The Irish Wolfhound was documented in Rome, 391 A.D. These dogs battled wild animals in arenas. The Cu, as large hounds were known, accompanied Irish chieftains in the hunt for wolves, elk, and wild boar. Royalty received these dogs as gifts. The breed disappeared from Ireland in 1766, yet restored in 1869 when the last true Wolfhound bred with the Scottish Deerhound, Great Dane, Borzoi and Tibetan Wolfdog.


Du Faoil (Irish)


This patient breed is calm and easy going. The loyal Irish Wolfhound is friendly and sensitive.



Firm, but gentle and consistent training will help this breed. As a puppy, it needs self-confidence to grow into a confident and sweet-tempered dog. Train your pet not to pull on the leash. Socialize this dog with other animals while young.


With a history of hunting prowess, the Irish Wolfhound loves daily exercise and the chance to stretch its legs during long walks. Other activities include lure coursing.


Owners need to consider the large size and weight of this hound. Provide plenty of room for the dog to stretch out on a soft surface. Feed high quality food. The Irish Wolfhound is loyal to the family, pets and other dogs. With its friendly attitude to everyone, this breed does not have good watchdog abilities.


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