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Irish Water Spaniel

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== Physical Characteristics ==
== Physical Characteristics ==
[[Image:Irish Water Spaniel.jpg]]
'''Breed Group:'''  
'''Breed Group:'''  

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Physical Characteristics

Irish Water Spaniel.jpg

Breed Group:

The Irish Water Spaniel is a member of the Gundog and Sporting Groups.


Male: 55-65 lb.; female: 45-58 lb.


Male: 22-24 inches; female: 21-23 inches.


The coat is solid liver or brown leaning to purple.


The Irish Water Spaniel sports a double coat of crisp textured ringlets. When this breed loses its coat, hairs become tangled. Comb to prevent matting or cording. The coat offers some resistance to water, weather and thorns.



The rugged Irish Water Spaniel is independent and alert. This bold breed shows confidence and an easy going manner.

Country of Origin:



European royalty owned Irish Water Spaniels. The forefunners may include the poodle and Irish Setter, or the poodle and curly-coated retriever crosses. This dog was renowned for retrieving in frigid waters. During the 1800s, the Southern Irish Spaniel may have contributed to the breed. A dog called “Boatswain” may be the first of the breed in the 1830s.


Whiptail, IWS, Bog Dog, Shannon spaniel, Rat Tail Spaniel


This eager breed has a desire to please, yet can be stubborn. Full of energy, the IWS is playful. Some dogs may be timid and suspicious. They love children, but can be reserved with strangers.



As an intelligent breed to train, they take to obedience work and enjoy mental challenges. Socializing this breed will help. Establish a strong leadership role.


Allow plenty of exercise, including an hour of running free or playing. This breed has great stamina. Activities include swimming, hunting retrieving. With its history as a hunting dog, the IWS enjoys water retrieving and retriever field trials.


This gentle family dog works best with older, considerate children. As a possible guard dog, it barks to warn family members. With a stubborn streak, the IWS may refuse commands from someone without strong leadership skills over him. Be aware that this breed may drool and slobber.


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