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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Working group.


Approximately 25-40 kg.


Approximately 58-70 cm.


Standard colours for this breed include fawn, black, and black and tan. Black and tan is the most common colouring and some of these dogs also have a white spot on their chest.


Hovawarts have long coats of coarse and slightly wavy fur.



Hovawarts are lively and energetic dogs that love to swim, run, and jump. Loyal and affectionate, these dogs are exceptional family companions that require plenty of love and activity throughout their lives.

Country of Origin:



Known to have existed since at least the thirteenth century, this breed was highly praised for its guarding abilities. Possibly descended from Asian mastiffs, this breed began to decline after the mediaeval period. Around 1915-1920 a group of enthusiasts successfully revived the breed and it gained official recognition with the FCI in 1964. These days the Hovawart remains quite popular in Germany and in Scandinavia.


The name "Hovawart" comes from the German word "hofewart" which means "estate dog" and refers to the traditional use of this breed as guardians for German farms and estates. This breed's nickname is Hovie.


Calm and even-tempered, Hovawarts are wonderful family dogs and are very gentle with children. These alert working dogs are also excellent guard dogs, although they are never aggressive without reason. Hovawarts tend to be rather reserved around strangers.



Hovawarts require consistent training from a handler who is strict yet gentle and loving.


These energetic dogs require plenty of exercise and meaningful activity on a regular basis.


Hovawarts are not suitable for first-time dog owners and should ideally be owned by those with dog training experience. While these dogs can live in the city, they require plenty of open space where they can run and jump. Hovawarts require significant daily exercise and love to participate in sports and activities such as agility and tracking. With their wonderful personalities and their love of work, Hovawarts excell as both working dogs and as family companions. Weekly grooming is typically sufficient for this breed.


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