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Himalayan USA or Colourpoint Longhair

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<htmltitle name="Himalayan or Colourpoint Longhair Breed Information | Himalayan or Colourpoint Longhair Kitten Breeders" />
<htmltitle name="Himalayan or Colourpoint Longhair Breed Information | Himalayan or Colourpoint Longhair Kitten Breeders" />
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== Physical Characteristics ==
== Physical Characteristics ==

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Physical Characteristics

Himalayan cat.jpg

Breed Group:

The Himalayan or Colourpoint Longhair is a member of the Longhair Group. This breed is a Hybrid Breed of Persian type. Category I, Established (TICA Standards).


8-15 lb. (3.5-7 kg)


The medium to large-sized body is set low on the legs.


The coat is a light body tone with darker hued accents on the cat’s points. Colors include blue, chocolate, cream, lilac, red, seal, blue-cream, chocolate tortie, lilac-cream, seal tortie.


The Himalayan sports a silky coat of fine texture. The long, thick hairs stand off from its body.



This intelligent Himalayan is docile, yet perhaps the most outgoing of all Persians. This cat wears a sweet, but extreme expression.

Country of Origin:

United States and Britain


During the 1920s crossbreeding between the Persian and Siamese occurred in Europe. The Persian breed contributed its coat length and temperament; the Siamese contributed its markings. During the 1930s, U.S. geneticists bred black longhair with a Siamese to product black longhaired kittens. Through backcrossing with a Persian, a pointed longhair cat developed. Both parents would needs recessive genes that would include the traits of long hair, blue eyes and a pointed color pattern. By crossing two Persian Siamese hybrids approximately 1 in 16 kittens will have Himalayan traits. A Canadian rancher and cattle judge also initiated a breeding program to help develop a longhair colorpoint cat.


Named after the pointed pattern of Himalayan rabbits, goats and mice in Asia. Colourpoint Longhair (Britain).


The endearing Himalayan is placid and friendly. This cat has an engaging personality.



After 16 weeks, Himalayan kittens have the social and physical strength to accept new surroundings or transportation by air.


Himalayans are more active than Persians. They enjoy playing. Provide interactive toys. Owners should provide a surface such as a scratching post to allow their pet plenty of opportunity to scratch.


The Himalayan is an indoor cat. Owners should be prepared to spend time grooming their cats with a daily combing and regular bathing. Clean faces, especially the nose and eyes, once a day. This placid cat makes a good companion. Play with the cat, especially before bedtime, to help the cat sleep through the night without disturbing the owner.


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