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[[List of dog breeds]]
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Hellenic Hound.jpg


Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Scenthound group.


Approximately 37-44 pounds (17-20 kg).


Approximately 17.5-21.5 inches (45-55 cm) at the withers.


Hellenic Hounds are black and tan in colour. Sometimes these dogs will exhibit a small white spot on their chest.


Hellenic Hounds have short coats of dense and close-lying fur.



Hellenic Hounds are fun loving and playful dogs. Friendly and affectionate with their masters, these hounds can generally live very peacefully with other dogs. Courageous, smart, and outgoing, Hellenic Hounds love to work and chase.

Country of Origin:



The Hellenic Hound is an ancient breed of scenthound that originated in Greece. It's likely that these dogs are the descendants of hounds transported to Greece from Egypt by the Phoenicians. Still very rare outside of Greece, the Hellenic Hound gained official recognition by the FCI in 1996, and was the first native Greek breed to do so.


Additional names for this breed include Hellenikos Ichnilatis, Greek Harehound, and Greek Hound.


Good-natured yet independent, these hounds are better suited as working dogs than as pets. While they are passionate hunters, Hellenic Hounds are not vicious. Relentless and sometimes impatient, these scenthounds usually work in pairs or small groups.



Hellenic Hounds can be stubborn during their youth and therefore require firm, patient training. Rough handling tends to have a counter-productive effect with these scenthounds.


These dogs are extremely active and playful animals. They require plenty of activity and exercise.


Hellenic Hounds are not suitable for apartment living and should ideally be owned by experienced dog handlers, as they can be quite a handful for beginners. These scenthounds thrive on activity and should have access to open spaces where they can run and play. When properly cared for, Hellenic Hounds display excellent manners and wonderful personality traits. Although friendly and affectionate, these dogs are more suitable to being kept as working dogs rather than as pets. Hellenic Hounds require regular grooming to maintain their coats and well-being.


No breeders listed at this time.

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