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Havana Brown

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Shorthaired Group.


6-10 pounds.


Havana Browns have medium sized bodies of average structure. Males tend to be slightly larger than females.


This breed is characterized by a rich, mahogany-brown color.


Havana Browns have glossy and luxurious short coats.



Havana Browns are social and inquisitive cats. Generally quite quiet, these cats are very sweet and affectionate. Havana Browns use their paws more than most other cats, both for exploring and for getting attention. Havana Browns are also very playful and remain so into adulthood.

Country of Origin:



Brown cats have existed in England for centuries, but they nearly disappeared in the early twentieth century when the British Siamese Club discouraged the breeding of any Siamese cats other than those with blue eyes. However, during the 1950's, a group of British breeders worked to develop the Havana Brown, laying the foundation for the modern breed. Todays English Havana Browns are different from the Havana Browns found in the United States.


Possibly named for Havana cigars, due to their similar color. This breed is also known as the Swiss Mountain Cat.


Havana Browns have very gentle dispositions and love to be around humans. They seem to know when and when not to demand attention, and sometimes will pretend to have a wounded paw in order to get a sympathetic reaction from their owners.



Due to their intelligence, Havana Browns are quite trainable.


Havana Browns are active and outgoing cats that love to play. They tend to act like kittens well into adulthood.


Havana Browns love human companionship and are outgoing, active animals. These cats love to play and are very agile. Havana Browns are ideal for single cat households and can become possessive of their owners. For a sweet and affectionate feline companion, a Havana Brown is an excellent choice.


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