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Greenland Dog

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Working group.


Approximately 30 kg.


Males are at least 60 cm at the withers while females are at least 55 cm.


Greenland Dogs come in all different colours, and can either be a solid colour or parti-colour.


This breed has a straight, harsh coat that is longer on the body and the tail. The Greenland Dog also has a dense and soft undercoat.



Greenland Dogs are vigorous and intelligent animals. Lively and active, these dogs are known for their incredible endurance. At the same time, Greenland Dogs are also very affectionate and can make excellent pets.

Country of Origin:



This ancient breed originated in the arctic and is more than likely related to northern wolves. The modern Greenland Dog is likely the descendant of sled dogs transported to Greenland by Inuit settlers. In addition to working as sled dogs, Greenland Dogs were also used for hunting seals and polar bears. This breed was first introduced to the world by P.E. Victor in 1936.


Named for Greenland, the breed's country of origin. Additional names include Grønlandshund and Grünlandshund.


Greenland Dogs are sociable dogs that are generally not aggressive toward people although they make good guard dogs. These dogs will sometimes exhibit aggression toward other dogs and require firm training.



Greenland Dogs require firm training.


This breed requires plenty of vigorous exercise every day.


Since Greenland Dogs don't have the easiest temperament to work with, they require firm and confident owners in order for them to make good pets. However, with suitable owners, this breed can be very affectionate and companionable. Hailing from the arctic, Greenland Dogs are not suitable for indoor living or for warm climates. These dogs require lots of exercise as well as regular grooming.


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