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Great Dane

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Physical Characteristics

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Breed Group:

The Great Dane is a member of the Working and Mastiff Group.


Male: 130-180 lb.; female: 110-150 lb.


Male: 32-35 inches; female: 28 inches min.


The coat is brindle, black-masked fawn, blue, black harlequin, mantle.


The Great Dane sports a short, thick coat that is glossy and smooth to touch.



This giant working breed is dependable and loyal. The Great Dane may be perceived as majestic with its imposing size and graceful build.

Country of Origin:



The Great Dane may have roots in the Molossus war dog and Irish Greyhound. In fourteenth-century Germany, these hunting dogs felled wild boar and overcame bears. This breed became popular with the landed gentry.


Deutsche Dogge (German Dog), German Mastiff. Dubbed “Apollo of Dogs.” Nickname: Dane, Gentle Giant. Note that this breed is not a Danish dog.


This spirited dog is affectionate and friendly to strangers. The Great Dane loves being around humans. Although sometimes known as the Gentle Giant, this breed may be dog aggressive.



The Great Dane may be difficult to train. Obedience training can help this breed develop into a well-mannered companion. If this dog grows up with other dogs, then it will get along. Keep in mind that with its large size, the Great Dane should learn not to lean against people.


Allow daily moderate exercise such as a long walk or romp to keep this breed happy. Activities can include tracking and carting-pulling. The Great Dane has watchdog abilities.


Owners must be able to handle this size of pet. Bathing the Great Dane takes a lot of energy. Although this dog is a good companion, the owner needs to supervise carefully. Houses should at least have a large yard. This breed likes to divide time between indoors and outdoors. Provide soft bedding and plenty of room for its large body. This breed may drool.


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