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Gordon Setter

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Physical Characteristics

Gordon Setter.jpg Breed Group:

The Gordon Setter belongs to the Gundog and Sporting Group.


Male: 55-80 lb; female: 45-70 lb.


Male: 24-27 inches; female: 23-26 inches


The Gordon Setter’s coat is black with tan markings of mahogany or chestnut.


The Gordon Setter sports a straight or slightly waved coat. This feathered coat of medium length lies flat. The hair is long underside and on backs of its legs. It has a well-feathered tail.



This rugged dog is loyal and willing. As a hunting dog, it possesses a confident and fearless nature.

Country of Origin:



The Gordon Setter’s roots began in Scotland in the 1600s. In the 1700s, Duke Alexander the 4th Gordon made this breed popular, named as the “Gordon Castle Setter.” This breed functioned to find game. As a dependable hunter, it had a fine sense of smell. This breed excelled as a one-man shooting dog.


Named from Gordon Castle, Scotland.


This close-working bird dog has a cheerful and affectionate nature. The strong-minded Gordon Setter is alert, interested and obedient.



This rugged breed can withstand the rigors of training. Be sure to train early in life and introduce this dog to a variety of people and animals while young. The handler needs to be consistent and loving.


Allow plenty of exercise, such as a long brisk daily walk daily. Without exercise, this breed will be hyperactive. With its lineage as a hunting dog, this pet can run and hunt for hours. Let the dog run free in a large, fenced-in yard to prevent roaming over a large area.


Owners need to surround this breed with lively people who can ensure strenuous exercise outdoors. The Gordon Setter loves children, but may be jealous of other pets. This protective breed adapts to guarding and may show aggression to strange dogs. When allowed plenty of outdoor activity, this dog can stay relatively quiet indoors. Dividing time between indoors and outdoors suits the Gordon Setter.


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