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Giant Schnauzer

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Physical Characteristics

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Breed Group: The Giant Schnauzer is a member of the Herding, Working, Livestock Dog and Schnauzer Group.

Weight: 60-80 lbs (27-36 kg) males; 55-75 lbs (25-34 kg) females.

Height: Male 25 ½ -27 ½ inches at the withers; female 23 ½ - 25 ½ inches.

Color(s): The Giant Schnauzer sports a black or pepper and salt coat. Coats also come in a medium gray shade in “peppering.”

Coat: This dense, wiry coat offers some weather resistance. The double coat has a soft undercoat and a harsh outer coat.


Character: This working breed is rugged and reliable. The Giant Schnauzer is also composed, playful, and intelligent.

Country of Origin: Germany

History: During the Middle Ages, this dog’s lineage originated in the kingdoms of Wurttemberg and Bavaria. In the agricultural sections, dogs helped shepherds and drove livestock to market. As a guard dog, it worked for stockyards, butchers and breweries. The Giant Schnauzer’s lineage may have included Standard Schnauzer, cattle-driving dogs, Sheepdogs, Great Dane and Bouvier des Flandres, black Poodle, Wolf Spitz and Wirehaired Pinscher.

Name: Used to be known as “Munchener” when it handled cattle. Russian Bear Schnauzer (early 1900s), Riesenschnauzer.

Temperament: This protective breed is calm, loyal and spirited. The Giant Schnauzer thrives with human contact.


Training: The Giant Schnauzer requires an experienced trainer. With firm, consistent training, this dog is a good learner. Training includes a positive attitude and rewards. Without training, the dog’s terrier temperament may lead to problems. A young dog needs socializing.

Activity: Plenty of exercise twice daily is required. During play sessions, this dog should run free. An outdoors person should be prepared to hike 15 miles with his pet. Other activities include hunting. Without exercise, the Giant Schnauzer cannot settle at night and may be destructive.

Ownership: The owner of a Giant Schnauzer must be firm enough to show this pet who is boss. As a guard dog or watchdog, this protective breed follows humans around the home. This companion will bond for life. This breed is not suited for children under 12 -14 years. Families expect to provide plenty of vigorous dog sports and long hikes.


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