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German Wirehaired Pointer

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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics

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Breed Group: The German Wirehaired Pointer is a member of the Gundog, Pointer, Versatile Hunting Dog and AKC Sporting.

Weight: 60-70 lbs. (27-32kg)

Height: 24-26 inches at the withers.

Color(s): This breed sports a liver and white coat, often liver and white spotted, or liver roan.

Coat: This functional wiry coat offers some weather resistance and water repellence. The undercoat may be dense or thin according to the season. The flat lying hairs are 1-2 inches in length. The outer coat may protect from rough ground cover and brambles. The coat is dense over the shoulder and around the tail.


Character: With a history as a hunting dog, the German Wirehaired Pointer can be full of energy and determination. This intelligent and playful breed is usually friendly with people.

Country of Origin: Germany

History: The German Pointer and many other breeds contributed to this lineage. In the 1800s, the breed developed to be a hard-working dog adaptable to all kinds of terrain. The German Wirehaired Pointer is Germany’s most popular hunting breed.

Name: Deutsch Drahthaar, Deutscher Drahthaariger Vorstehhund, Drahthaar, German Wire-Haired Pointing Dog, German Pointer (Wirehaired).

Temperament: This rugged bird dog is active and reliable. An affectionate housedog, this breed also has a guarding instinct that may make it aloof to strangers. The German Wirehaired Pointer like to roam.


Training: This breed is an eager learner that should be socialized early. The handler needs to provide consistent training.

Activity: The German Wirehaired Pointer loves to work and exercise. Plenty of exercise can include hunting, running and exploring. With its ability as a hunting dog, it likes to track, point and retrieve for hours. The owner who fails to exercise his dog may find it difficult to manage or even destructive.

Ownership: The German Wirehaired Pointer makes a good watchdog, while getting along with other animals. This friendly companion is better suited for older, considerate children. Owners should realize this breed can be bored, so an active family life in a house with a large yard would be a good fit. An outdoors person who can spend much time exercising his dog is desirable.


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List of dog breeds

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