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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Gundog goup.


Approximately 44 pounds or 20 kg.


Females are approximately 17.5-20 inches (45-51 cm) while males are 19-21.3 inches (48-54 cm) at the shoulders.


German Spaniels can be solid dark brown with white spots, solid fox red, solid fawn red, roan brown, spotted brown and white, harlequin, or tricoloured.


The German Spaniel has a long coat of wavy and dense fur. Often the coat will be curly around the neck and ears and feathered on the backs of the legs.



German Spaniels are intelligent and courageous dogs that love to work and play in the water. These dogs are also very friendly and vibrant and make very affectionate companions.

Country of Origin:



Originating in Germany, this breed was developed during the late 1800's by breeder F. Roberth. Used as a gundog, the German Spaniel was created by crossbreeding several different breeds, including long-haired water dogs and the Stöber. Even today, this breed is quite rare outside of Germany.


Additional names for this breed include German Quail Dog, Deutscher Wachtelhund, and Deutscher Wachtel.


Although German Spaniels require firm training, they are exceptional trackers and aggressive hunters. These dogs also have a very pleasant disposition so they make great pets.



German Spaniels require firm training but make excellent hunting, tracking, and retrieving dogs.


These dogs are quite lively and require lots of space and exercise.


German Spaniels are best suited for homes where they will have access to plenty of space to run and play and where they will receive regular exercise. These tough and versatile dogs can work on many different types of terrain and also enjoy working in the water. In addition to being great hunters, these dogs are also excellent and affectionate companions. German Spaniels require daily grooming as well as regular ear care.


No breeders listed at this time.

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